The original Zhu Yilong's version of Wu Xie's acting skills has been questioned as ugly. When can we eliminate the selfishness of domestic dramas?

(0) original title: Zhu Yilong's version of Wu Xie's acting skills has been questioned as ugly, and domestic dramas are not pleasant to the eyes. When can we eliminate the personal opinions of beauty?

After watching Longling Grottoes in the first half of the year, I have watched the restart of tomb robbing notes for a young day. This year, the number of watching movies and TV series about tomb robbing is full, which is very peaceful.

Up to now, the score of Douban in tomb robbing notes is 8.2, not bad.

However, compared with Longling grottoes, it is very subtle, and the challenge faced by restart is much more severe.

First of all, there are too many holes in the original book of tomb robbing notes. No matter how the TV series is adapted, Yongshi will also fill in the regret in the heart of the unhappy book fans.

The second is Zhu Yilong's addition. To be frank, the addition of the next stream to the play often puts the work at a disadvantage of course, even if the actor attribute of Zhu Yilong is very clear.

The most clear manifestation of this is that many people don't buy Zhu Yilong, saying that he has no acting skills, and some even say that he is old and ugly.

Up to now, I have looked at this play, and I want to say that Douban's evaluation of Zhu Yilong is pure nonsense.

Come on, let's look at what this \